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Statement from the Board of Trustees

April 6, 2018

Dear Members of the Mount Ida Community,

As you have likely learned by way of our recent exploration of a merger with Lasell College and following Town Hall forums, as well as headlines in local and national press, the financial situation facing small private colleges nationwide is a difficult one. Despite extraordinary growth and progress over the last several years, Mount Ida, like its peers, is vulnerable to the realities of having limited resources. As a result, we have considered multiple options to secure the strongest possible long-term future for our students.

Earlier today, we reached a definitive agreement with the University of Massachusetts that will provide a guaranteed pathway for our students to earn a high-value degree in their field of study and will ensure that our beautiful campus remains dedicated to an educational mission.

Under this agreement, UMass Amherst will acquire our Newton campus and students in good standing will be offered automatic acceptance to UMass Dartmouth beginning in the fall 2018 semester.

Under a “UMassD Guarantee” that promises the same or lower student charges, Mount Ida students will receive expedited admissions at UMass Dartmouth, housing options that will include Mount Ida living/learning communities, personalized academic advising, interviews for student athletes with UMass Dartmouth Division 3 NCAA coaches, and other services to ensure a seamless transition to the university. UMass Dartmouth will also facilitate transfer admission opportunities at the Boston, Lowell and Amherst campuses for Mt. Ida students.

The Newton campus, which will be known as the Mount Ida Campus of UMass Amherst, will operate as an extension to the Amherst campus but will not enroll undergraduate students directly.

Mount Ida has made remarkable progress in every area over the past six years. While the college has excelled by many metrics, the long-term viability of small, tuition-dependent colleges remains a significant challenge. When faced with clear long-term resource concerns, we relentlessly considered many solutions and ultimately executed that one which would provide our students with a secure academic future. The UMass team has been gracious in their efforts to make sure all students will feel welcomed into their community and will be given every opportunity to thrive.

The Board is extremely proud of this institution and grateful to have had the honor of serving the Mount Ida community. We remain committed to our mission of putting students’ interests first, and are confident that this agreement will best serve our students and their future academic pursuits.


The Mount Ida College Board of Trustees


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