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Mount Ida College is closed for business

Effective May 17th, 2018 Mount Ida College has ceased operations and is closed for business. If you have additional questions, please call our hotline at 617-928-4500 or e-mail us at transitions@mountida.edu.

Effective May 17, 2018, Mount Ida College has ceased operations and is closed for business. Individuals who have questions in the following areas should send an e-mail to the addresses listed below or call 617-928-4500. The latter number will be staffed during business hours until Friday, June 1st. After June 1st or after hours, voicemail messages can be left and will be returned after review.

Alumni: alumni@mountida.edu
Business Office: accounting@mountida.edu
Human Resources: humanresources@mountida.edu
Student Records: click here
Transfer Assistance: transitions@mountida.edu or call 617-928-4706

Transition Updates: click here 

The Mount Ida Campus of UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts has created a website to assist current Mount Ida students with information regarding transfer admissions and curriculum policies, deadlines, and contact information for the various UMass campuses.

UMass Dartmouth Resources

Have questions related to your potential transfer to UMass Dartmouth?

Transition Updates

This page contains all updates relative to the transition of the closing of Mount Ida College.

Transfer Agreements

Mount Ida College has been working with private and public colleges to develop transfer options for all academic programs and obtain approvals by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (BHE).

Updates on Specialized Programs

As options for students in specialized programs are developed, updates will be posted here.

Request Student Records

The University of Massachusetts Amherst will maintain Mount Ida College student records.


Send us your questions today or call us at 617-928-4706.