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The Center for Curricular Innovation and Teaching Effectiveness

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Mission Statement

CITE’s mission is to support the improvement of student learning at Mound Ida College by:

  • Supporting the use of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) used by faculty, staff, and students.
  • Promoting best practices in the development and use of teaching and teaching technologies among the faculty.
  • Supporting the curricular innovation efforts of Mount Ida administrators–especially the chairs, deans, and Provost.

To complete its mission, CITE:

  • Supports the Canvas LMS
  • Supports the integration of other teaching technologies
  • Conducts private consultations with individual faculty on issues related to teaching and professional development
  • Supports new faculty orientation
  • Develops instructional videos and supplemental resources to support faculty development
  • Runs workshops on topics related to teaching and teaching technologies
  • Runs the annual Summer and Fall Institutes on Teaching & Learning
  • Supports research on teaching, including the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  • Offers annual grants supporting research and innovation in teaching
  • Supports the development of Faculty Research Groups

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