Living Learning Communities

At Mount Ida, we pride ourselves on our tight-knit, diverse community and believe that our Living Learning Communities serve both participating students and the community-at-large. The built-in support of group study sessions and specially selected resident assistants ensure you have excellent resources at your fingertips, along with a great community of friends in the same or related programs.




Established in 2014, CONNECT is our newest Living Learning Community. If you are an incoming freshman studying Criminal Justice, English, Liberal Studies, Media Communication, Political Science and History, Psychology or Sport Management, you are automatically enrolled in CONNECT. Living in CONNECT offers many benefits. You will live on one of two floors in Wingate; recent renovations to these floors range from updated bathrooms to newly created lounge and study spaces.

With approximately 60 residents, you will have ample opportunity to meet potential friends and will have easy access to built-in academic support from upperclassman peer tutors whenever you need it, whether in class or at your residence hall.

The CONNECT Living Learning Community experience will be further strengthened by taking two classes together: CC101: First Year Seminar and PS101: Introduction to Psychology.

Women in Science Experience (WISE)

Women in Science Experience (WISE) provides a supportive, women-only living learning environment for students enrolled in the School of Applied Sciences. With a quiet environment, built-in community of like-minded students and convenient group study sessions, WISE can help you succeed academically and forge lasting friendships.


As a co-ed community open to students enrolled in the School of Design, the Design Living Learning Community offers an environment for students that promotes creativity and the appreciation of all aspects of design. Convenient study groups are available to provide the academic support you need to flourish in your chosen design field.


Named after the Greek symbol, lambda, an international symbol of gay rights, this housing option is intended to provide students with more latitude to choose the roommates with whom they feel most comfortable and also allow a space for students who identify as transgender to live. Students who identify as GLBTQ or Allies are invited to live in this space.

To learn more about our Living Learning Communities, please contact the Associate Director of Residence Life, Kristin E. Fitzgerald at or (617) 928-4625.