Health Form and Immunization Record Requirements

All incoming students must submit required health information, including a verified record of all required immunizations. Required immunizations are as follows:

3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine (or laboratory proof of immunity)

2 doses Varicella vaccine (or record of disease history/laboratory proof of immunity)

2 doses MMR vaccine

1 dose TDap vaccine within 10 years

1 dose Meningococcal vaccine within 5 years (residential students only)

Certain academic programs also have additional requirements- please check with your academic department to see if you need any additional vaccines.

You can find information about all health information requirements and instructions for submitting your information by visiting the Mount Ida Patient Portal.

Students planning to start enrollment for the Fall 2016 semester need to be sure to submit all required forms  by June 30, 2016. Students with incomplete or missing records will be subject to account holds, which can interfere with check-in and course registration.

If you have questions about the requirements or about the Patient Portal, please contact Student Health Services at 617-928-4599 or