Center for Wellness Services

Supporting Students’ Health and Wellness, Right on Campus

As a student at Mount Ida College, you’ll learn new things in the classroom and about yourself. You’ll make new friends and maybe find some new interests. Along the way, you’ll probably have a time or two where you’re not feeling well. You’ll also want to learn how to make healthy choices about what you eat, how you take care of your body, and how you spend your free time.


The Center for Wellness Services provides health and counseling care for all Mount Ida students and provides education and information to the Mount Ida community. Our services are included in student fees and can be accessed by any student.

Our offices are located in Appleton House.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30-4:30 during the academic year (excluding breaks). When our office is closed, students can access urgent/emergency care by contacting the campus police department.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to see our clinicians, and can do so by coming to the Center for Wellness Services or by calling 617-928-4599. They may also be seen on a walk-in basis if a clinician is available, but availability is not guaranteed. Counseling Services provides a walk-in hour each day from 2-3PM. This hour may be used for students to check in briefly and then schedule a later appointment if needed.