The Counseling Center

The safety and the personal growth of all Mount Ida students is integral to a healthy and supportive campus. At the Counseling Center, we are dedicated to promoting emotional and behavioral health through counseling, workshops and educational programming.

Staffed by two Licensed Mental Health Counselors, two doctoral-level interns and a consulting psychiatrist who manages medication needs, you can be confident you will be treated *confidentially, with respect and the caring you need to succeed at Mount Ida.

We are ready to help you with the challenges you may find, through personal counseling as well as workshops such as:

Yay or Nay – It’s About the Vote

October 2, 2016- It’s hard not to notice that we’re in the midst of an important election cycle and the move is on to have Mount Ida become a “voter-friendly” campus. What exactly does that mean?  Under the …

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