Dining, Transportation & One Card

The Dining Commons – The Place to Meet and Eat

Hungry?  You can choose from a restaurant-style dining hall, a grill and café and a market professionally managed by Aramark.


Your One Card makes it easy to pay set up a meal plan and purchase a snack

You’ll save money with a meal plan versus paying cash each time you have a meal or need a snack. Block meals allow you to purchase a number of meals at a discount. Or, you can set up a declining-balance dollars / points account, where you bank your meal plan money and it’s deducted each time you eat. Learn more about how your One Card works and sign up for a meal plan now.

Getting on and off campus – With the convenience of the Mount Ida Shuttle

Don’t have a car – No worries!  The Mount Ida College Shuttle can get you there and back.

The shuttle, managed by Aramark connects riders to and from campus to Newton Centre and Boston via the MBTA’s Green Line (Branch D) and runs on a posted schedule.

For your convenience, the shuttle is trackable in real time on a mobile device – so you can wait inside where it’s warm – or cool – for your shuttle to pick you up.

Yay or Nay – It’s About the Vote

October 2, 2016- It’s hard not to notice that we’re in the midst of an important election cycle and the move is on to have Mount Ida become a “voter-friendly” campus. What exactly does that mean?  Under the …

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