Emergency alerts

The Emergency Notification system is used to alert the community to an active emergency situation, school closing and any other event that requires immediate action from community members, for example, shelter in place.

Please refer to this web page for special announcements relating to emergencies on campus and adjacent communities/neighborhoods. If there is an emergency situation, information will be disseminated through a variety of media including the following:

  • Mount Ida College email
  • Mount Ida social media
  • Telephone “reverse 911” messages
  • Text message

Community members must register for emergency telephone “reverse 911” and text messaging notifications. You can Register up to three mobile devices and three email addresses for Emergency Notification Alerts by logging in with your Mount Ida College email and password here.

Timely Warning Notifications

As mandated by the Jeanne Clery Act, at times it may be necessary to notify the entire college community of a situation that arises, either on or off campus, where the situation constitutes a continuing or ongoing threat against members of the Mount Ida College community. If in the judgment of the Chief of Police, such an incident occurs the Mount Ida College Police will clearly and quickly notify the entire college community of the situation by issuing a campus wide warning. The Mount Ida Police may use a variety of channels to issue the timely warning notification, including the emergency notification system, flyers and email.

To Register for the Mount Ida College Emergency Notification System, go to:

If you are already registered you can update your contact info after you log in on the ‘Login’ tab using your school email address and the password you set when you registered.  If you have forgotten your password go to the ‘Lost Password’ tab and request your password be reset and sent to your school email address.

If you have not yet registered, you will need to register with the system as follows :

  1. Go to
  2. On the ‘Register’ tab enter your ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘School Email’.
  3. Click ‘Register’.
  4. You will be emailed a temporary password within a few minutes.
  5. Go to
  6. On the ‘Login’ tab enter your Mount Ida email address as the ‘School Email’.
  7. Enter the temporary password sent in the registration email.
  8. Click ‘Login’.

In emergency situations, the College will send out an MIR3 EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM alert.  You will receive this by MIC email and,  if you have entered additional contacts in the MIR3 system, you will also receive a phone call and a text message.

If you have information that may warrant a timely warning notification, please contact Campus Police at (617) 928-4777 or at