Mount Ida Students Tackle the Importance of Professionalism in the Workplace

December 20, 2013-


The need for professionalism in the workplace is just one aspect that unites a diverse campus community of students, each with a unique story to tell and career path to forge. To help support students reach their career aspirations, Mount Ida College offers a variety of professional clubs in each of its undergraduate majors. Students at Mount Ida not only gain the necessary skills inside the classroom to succeed in their careers, but outside the classroom as well through internship offerings and participation in professional clubs.

Real-World Experience

Recently, Mount Ida students from the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) came together to merge what they have learned in the classroom to real-life business situations. DECA is a marketing group offered to students seeking careers in finance, hospitality, entrepreneurship and who overall, possess a strong desire to succeed professionally in the workplace.

Today’s economy requires students to not only succeed in the classroom, but to also master the basics of navigating professionalism in the workplace. Networking skills, professional mannerisms and a strong educational foundation are all essential elements to obtain in order to reach desired career goals. DECA stands by the importance of workplace etiquette education including proper interview attire, how to approach your manager with a question or suggestion, and even simply, the art of the hand shake.



In 2014, Mount Ida’s DECA team sent eight students to Washington, DC, to compete in the annual Career Development Conference where four students placed in the finals and brought home medals after presenting to the judges. Areas of event competition included international marketing team case studies, human resource management and marketing management. The competitive advantage that DECA members gain through conference and club participation is a change of mindset in how they view various activities associated with career progression such as public speaking and interviews. DECA seeks to help students’ erase the anxiety that is often associated with these types of activities and instead, create excitement over the advantages of learning proper workplace etiquette.

Mission Driven

DECA prides itself on its overall mission of helping students manage power-distance situations and more importantly, working to turn those situations into lessons of inspiration and growth. In addition, community service is a major component of DECA’s activities. Students participate in various community service projects throughout the year and volunteer for both Mount Ida and the greater Boston area. Leadership development and social intelligence is a desired outcome of those involved with DECA at Mount Ida and the fast-paced environment of DECA’s Career Development Conferences help immerse students into the competitive nature of post-grad job seeking.

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