Lab Experience Launches Career Path for Senior Biology Major

May 9, 2014-


Consider milk.

Known to increase strength and build strong bones. An essential component of the morning meal for hundreds of years, and perhaps, best known for its advertising tagline…”Got Milk”.

For one undergraduate researcher at Mount Ida College, there is much more to this most famous of liquids than meets the eye.

Lauren Metzler, a senior biology major with minors in psychology, recently completed a group biochemistry research project focusing on the extraction of protein in milk. Metzler, along with her research group comprised of five other biology majors, are using their results to determine if this type of research could relate to product cost.

“We completed an experiment based upon the gels of milk and different percentages of methanol and Bromophenol blue to determine which percentage worked the best,” notes Metzler, who was recently accepted into the Clinical Laboratory Sciences graduate program at UMass Lowell. “We worked together as a team; six brains are always better than one.”


Since her high school days in Dracut, Massachusetts, Metzler wanted to participate in biological research. She realized early on that hands-on lab experience would bolster her graduate school applications.

“The biology program at Mount Ida is quite diverse. It ranges from environmental biology to in depth learning about cellular functions and specialty research,” says Metzler. “My professors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, most having worked in the field and teach based upon their own lengthy career experience.”

Obtaining real-world experience in the research and medical fields, were opportunities Metzler took advantage of during her four years at Mount Ida. Completing multiple internships gave her hands-on real world experience and confidence needed to move forward in her career.

“My sophomore year, I had the opportunity to intern with the Newton Public Health Department,” notes Metzler, who helped the department design a new alcohol licensing program and also assisted in flu clinics and field health inspections.

Currently, she is employed at Benchmark Senior Living where she works closely with people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“My experiences at Mount Ida, interacting with my professors and classmates, the campus pre-medical society and career services, have all contributed to my pursuing a rewarding career in public health research,” Metzler concludes.

Although science is always a top priority for Metzler, for now, she is concentrating on her upcoming big conquest: graduation.

As Vice President of Mount Ida’s Class of 2014, she echoed the importance of remembrance for her fellow classmates:

“Remember these four years as something that was amazing, an experience that we should never forget.”

For more information on the Biology Program at Mount Ida, please visit our degree program homepage.