Five Things You Need to Know About Our Political Science and History Program

March 7, 2014-


Do you seek to rise as a leader? Are you ready to explore the history lessons of our past and apply them to our future? Here are the top five reasons you should consider majoring in Political Science and History at Mount Ida College:

1)      Become an engaged civic leader.  

The world is changing rapidly due to social issues, the economy, advancing technology and global politics. Today’s leaders require an expansive skill set anchored in public administration, law, business as well as a deep understanding of today’s social issues. At Mount Ida, you can choose your path to leadership and discover your future while studying the past. You will learn about the historical and political underpinnings of our country’s past and present, helping you make informed decisions in a position of leadership tomorrow.

2)      Graduates who make a difference.

Through an in-depth understanding of the human experience, you will leave Mount Ida prepared for a multitude of career fields. As a graduate of our Political Science and History program, you may go on to work in politics, attend law school or complete another advanced degree programs. You also may choose to become a teacher or work for your favorite cause or non-profit organization.


3)      Experience a gateway major to a world of possibilities.

Political Science and History disciplines address the core of who we are as a society and our place in history, preparing you for service and leadership on both a local and global stage. By combining traditional academics, writing and critical thinking with hands-on training, you will build upon a strong academic base and may even decide to choose a concentration to further expand your career opportunities.

4)      Foster the skills that history teaches.

Designed to meet many challenges of 21st century politics and society, our program offers a mix of academic course work that will sharpen analytical and writing skills, coupled with internships and research experiences, allowing you to move confidentially as a leader into your professional life. Here, you will experience coursework in American Government, Constitutional law, social sciences and capstone research just to name a few.

5)      Discover your strengths in a small-college environment.

A private New England College, our students come from all walks of life with a variety of interests, points-of-view and passions. Like them, you will experience many different opportunities, be challenged and have your skills and abilities refined by our knowledge faculty. Here at Mount Ida, you will forge lasting friendships with your fellow students and have a little fun along the way.