Five Things You Need to Know About Our Media Communication Degree Program

March 7, 2014-


Are you a natural at communications and technology? Do you believe you could lead an industry into the future? Are you hungry to master the next wave of technology? Here are the top five reasons you should consider majoring in Media Communication at Mount Ida College.

1) Turn your passion into a career.

Given the rapid surge in digital media platforms, emerging in virtually every industry, it’s of little surprise that you are looking to turn your passion and interests in media communication into a successful career. Graduates of our Media Communications major can choose from a number of careers including broadcasting, media/journalism, advertising, public relations, publishing, web design and video editing.

2) Interdisciplinary focus allows you to be the ultimate media communication generalist.

Who doesn’t want options when they graduate? Mount Ida’s Bachelor of Arts Media Communication degree program, offers you a variety of interdisciplinary-focused academic and experiential learning opportunities in web design, business, social media, graphic design, technology foundations, writing for the web and video production. As a Media Communication major, there are numerous career paths you can take.


3) Immerse in ever-changing world of technology in media communication.

You will gain a first-mover advantage upon graduating with hands-on experience using state-of-the art technology and communications platforms. You’ll gain experiential learning in class and in the work place. Mount Ida’s close proximity to Boston will allow you to easily connect to your career interests, offering you many outlets to engage with students, companies and leading industry professionals.

4) Create a personalized degree program experience.

Beyond coursework in the areas of design, art, business and technology foundations, our media communication degree also includes a practicum, valuable internship experiences and senior research writing project, all in focus areas of your choosing.  At Mount Ida, you will learn by doing.

5) Flexible pathways leading to diverse careers.

A degree in Media Communication offers you many flexible pathways and opportunities to advance in a variety of creative industries. From crafting advertising campaigns, graphic design for the web, editing video, social media promotions, to public relations and journalism, you will be equipped with tools and knowledge to move confidently into the career that you desire.