Five Things You Need to Know About Our Animation Degree Program

March 7, 2014-


Are you ready to put your imagination to work? Do you seek to develop the skills you need for a rewarding career in animation? Here are the top five reasons you should consider majoring in Animation at Mount Ida College:

1)      Change the world – one pixel at a time.

The world of animation is constantly evolving and animators must stay on the cutting edge to stay ahead of the curve. Our new Animation degree program will instruct you to think of animation in terms of performance – a vital component for career success in this growing industry. You will have the opportunity to develop storytelling and character design in addition to developing specialized skills in animation and motion graphics.

2)      Create career connections.

Internships are an important part of Mount Ida’s career-focused approach to teaching and learning, and the Boston-area is the perfect setting for connecting with these hands-on experiences. You will gain valuable professional experience through experiential learning opportunities, allowing you to work for a wide variety of clients. As a graduate, you may choose to work in any number of fields such as, feature animation, television cartoons, web development, multimedia design and motion graphics.



3) Access to top-notch industry-tested design professors.   

You’ll be taught by leading industry professionals, using the same techniques and tools that you will eventually need in the workplace. Through small classes, a faculty comprised of passionate and dedicated storytellers and a collaborative learning environment, you will develop a unique voice, a strong visual style and the necessary experience to succeed in your animation career.

4) Experience cutting-edge curriculum.  

Here, you will learn both 3D and 2D animation techniques and principles. You’ll do cutting-edge 3D animation while learning and understanding 2D principles of movement, performance and expression. Our curriculum is grounded in art and movement fundamentals that underlie all animation.  Coursework will be focused on storyboarding, technical art, animation principles, special effects and 3D modeling.

5) Push the envelope as a design innovator.  

While our Animation degree program emphasizes traditional animation techniques and storytelling, we also encourage experimentation in form, content and medium. To develop your animation skills, you will produce storyboards, develop concept art and design motion graphics. Our project-based degree will give you the opportunity to create a portfolio of work that showcases your abilities, an essential component for success in the professional animation industry.