First-Year Student Selected for Enrichment Voyage to Central America

May 31, 2013 –



Eager to expand their horizons, Mount Ida students are studying abroad in international destinations across the globe. While most Mustangs are lucky to visit one country during their studies, Molly Christian ’16, a double major in applied forensic science and psychology, visited six countries in Central America during winter break on the Semester at Sea’s Enrichment Voyage.

The MV Explorer

In the fall 2012, Robin Melavalin, Director of the Center for Global Connections, approached Christian with the idea of spending winter break in Central America. Since Christian was recommended for her passion for intercultural learning, she was selected to accompany Professor Gail Gabriel aboard the MV Explorer, a modern passenger ship that circumnavigates the globe. On her voyage, she experienced the history, culture and arts of Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico, while enjoying field excursions and service opportunities.
“My favorite part of the trip was interacting with the people I met in every country,” said Christian. “I saw culture through their eyes, which made my excursion more real, more human. Seeing that these individuals were not any different from me was a beautiful thing.”

Global learning

Although Christian is only a sophomore, she has already developed a global perspective from her Enrichment Voyage. In regards to her academics, she wants to pursue disaster psychology where she can deal with post-traumatic stress disorder victims in case of mass causality events. After graduation, she hopes that her knowledge can extend beyond the United States to help citizens around the world.
“I want to be able to respond to a scene to help people who are affected by large scale disaster events,” stated Christian. “There is so much more than just the psychical injuries, the emotional effects need the guidance of psychologists. I plan to continue to travel to broaden my viewpoint through traveling.”