Biology Major Interns for City of Newton

June 17, 2013-


Lauren Metzler ’14 began junior year eager to experience her biology major. She never thought, however, that her internship would end up being located just miles from campus in Mount Ida’s hometown in the City of Newton. During the fall 2012, Metzler spent her semester interning at the Newton Public Health and Human Services Department.

Career services opens possibilities

“From Career Services weekly job listings, I first learned of this internship opportunity,” recalls Metzler. “I chose the position because it related to biology in a not-so-average way. For instance, I worked in both health and environmental science, learning about everything from assisting nurses in clinics to inspecting potential hydrogen (pH) levels of water for the effects on the human body.”

Getting to know Newton

Metzler’s favorite part of the internship was traveling to local flu clinics and meeting the people of Newton, such as students at Newton South High School. In gaining biology skills, Metzler believes this experience has opened her eyes to a variety of career paths. As a result of her career-focused education, Metzler knows what direction she wants to go in post-graduation.

“I am interested in either biology research or medical studies,” she said. “At this point in time, I know that I am absolutely going to pursue graduate school to further my biology education. I am very excited to see what the future holds and the doors that will open because of this internship.”

Learn about biology at Mount Ida

Mount Ida’s biology major allows students to obtain a science degree supported by professional courses in a range of interdisciplinary fields, including veterinary technology and forensic science. If you are interested in learning more, please contact [name], Program Director, at [email].