All Roads Pointed to Mount Ida for Interior Design Major

April 10, 2014-


Mount Ida College senior Ani Moushigian began her college career with two complementary goals: to pursue every opportunity available to her and to do it well. Four years later, Moushigian has absolutely achieved those goals, and then some.  Throughout her four years at Mount Ida, she has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments and awards in academics and her collegiate activities.

Moushigian’s journey to Mount Ida to pursue her passion of interior design began several years ago growing up in Watertown, Massachusetts. Moushigian recalls her grandmother’s love of interior design as the spark igniting her blossoming interest in the areas of art, design, painting and drawing.

Pursuing Passion

Deciding to pursue her passion for interior design in college, Moushigian researched Interior Design accredited degree programs in Massachusetts, immediately discovering how Mount Ida stood apart from the start.

“All roads pointed to Mount Ida,” notes Moushigian. “When I arrived at Mount Ida, everyone was extremely helpful and I loved the small class sizes. Faculty is always willing to sit down with you and explain something that perhaps you don’t fully understand. I found that to be consistent through all four years.”


From her first day on campus at Mount Ida, Moushigian embraced her goal of getting involved and committed in everything she did.

“I got involved right away. I’ve been an Orientation leader three times, a member of the Institutional Design Committee for the new Student Center and a member of the Interior Design Society, including Co-President my junior and senior year,” says Moushigian.

Interior Design Society

As Co-President of the Interior Design Society, Moushigian is proud of her accomplishments in building up the club over the past two years to include more student networking on and off campus. Recent successful events have included the Lunch and Learn series, fashion shows and trips to New York City and Newport, Rhode Island.

“It’s important to network and explore off campus. The Interior Design Society recently visited Chapman Construction in Newton.  In addition we have had industry representatives come in and speak with our group as a part of our Lunch and Learn series,” Moushigian notes. “When you visit an actual company, learning impacts you in a different way as you are exposed to practicing professionals in your field who can really speak to you.”

Study Abroad

Moushigian knows the importance of off-campus learning experiences, seizing the opportunity to study abroad her sophomore year at Lorenzo deMedici in Italy and also participating in Mount Ida’s alternative spring break program two years in a row, this year as a co-coordinator.

“When you are in college, you need to take advantage of every opportunity. I knew I wanted to study abroad and I studied Italian for two years prior,” says Moushigian. “It was an unbelievable experience. There were classes in Italy that are just not available in the U.S.  When we would learn about history in class, instead of just reading about places in a book, I was able to actually visit those places and visually experience them.”

Real-World Experience

Pursuing every opportunity also included obtaining multiple internships in her field to gain real-world experience and to explore the many different focus areas of interior design. During her four years, Moushigian has interned at some of the oldest design firms in the local area including Boston Design Center’s The Martin Group and DRA Architects.

Career by Design

Currently enrolled in Mount Ida’s dynamic 4+1 program, Moushigian will spend an additional year at Mount Ida obtaining her master’s degree in management with a concentration in interior architecture. Currently she is working hard at pursuing her dream career in humanity design through her undergraduate thesis project.

“My first graduate class was global issues and designs, and it had a big impact on me. I was challenged with picking a big global issue in design and connecting it to my thesis which as a result of the class, has a concentration on fair trade,” notes Moushigian. “I am currently redesigning a building in Ghirardelli Square and using its function as Ghirardelli’s first steps into the world of fair trade.”

For Moushigian, interior design is not just art, but rather a way to help people and communities live more productive and fulfilling lives.

“I really like applying what I can do well to help other people, and that is what interior design is: helping people and creating a space for the end user to work well in and live well in,” concludes Moushigian.

For more information on the Interior Design Program at Mount Ida, please visit our degree program homepage.