Mount Ida College Makes List of Top Schools for Game Design and Development

June 2014 – Mount Ida College has been ranked by Animation Career Review as one of the top schools for game design and development for its game art, animation and digital visualization degree programs.

Animation Career Review ranked Mount Ida #68 in the Top 75 Schools for Game Design/Development in the U.S.

In 2014, the School of Design at Mount Ida announced two new majors in the fields of design and development including a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Digital Visualization and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animation.

“Our new majors in the School of Design in the areas of game design and development—animation and digital visualization—really reflect what is happening in the marketplace right now and for the future,” noted Jason Donati, Dean of the School of Design.


A degree in digital visualization enables students to focus on the power of communication through animation and visual media and has three concentrations: architectural, medical and legal. The program is designed to prepare students for job placement in the growing visualization industry.

The career-focused animation program will give students the opportunity to develop storytelling and character design while offering hands-on training on cutting-edge software, coupled with classroom instruction from industry leading professionals.

For more information on Mount Ida’s School of Design academic programs, please visit our degree homepage.