Information Literacy instruction

To help equip you with the knowledge to fulfill your academic promise in college and in your career, we have created a comprehensive Information Literacy instruction program. Efficiently and effectively accessing information from a wide span of traditional and multimedia channels begins immediately with your first year courses: First Year Seminar (CC101) and Composition and Literature II (EN 102). Following these courses, each degree program continues to build on Information Literacy with select research-based courses, as designated in an Information Literacy Action Plan. The library also invites faculty members to arrange instructional sessions for specific courses or assignments with our reference librarians at or

What faculty are saying about our Information Literacy program:

Tracy worked closely one-on-one with students after her presentation. It was very effective!

Both women presented to my courses, and did a fantastic job! The material was totally fresh and new for them…I will definitely bring my classes back!

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