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Launching successful careers, one student at a time

Internships and career planning play an integral part of your professional education at Mount Ida College. In fact, many of our degree programs require internships to ensure you have the opportunity to use what you learn in a real employer setting. This link between the classroom and the professional world builds your resume and gives you the time and opportunity to gain valuable work experience. In turn, Career Services and your career-connected faculty mentors help employers, by connecting them with smart, well-trained interns and employees like you.


Simply put, personal attention at Mount Ida doesn’t end at the college classroom door. Our small college community includes career planning experts who are committed to your success by giving you access to employers and supporting you in your efforts to gain work experience in your field.

Services that work for you

Career Services provides free access to career planning and job search tools, events and advice – while you’re a student and after graduation. Our career counselors can even help you choose a major, if you are undecided.

In addition to hosting job fairs and career fairs on campus, our career planning experts can help you:

  • Figure out which careers match your interests and talents
  • Complete graduate school applications and study for graduate school exams
  • Find internships opportunities
  • Search for part-time or full-time jobs
  • Write, review and revise your resume and cover letters
  • Improve your interviewing and networking skills
  • Access employers who come to campus to recruit employees

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Resources for employers:

Our commitment to the community extends to employers interested in hiring Mount Ida students and graduates. Add your job or internship opportunities to our growing list. 

Resources for students: 

Please login to your MIWeb account to access our job/internship blog under “Quicklinks.” On this blog, you will find exclusive job leads from employers.