Giving back to benefit fellow students

The Senior Class Legacy Gift Campaign is an annual tradition at Mount Ida, aimed at educating seniors on the importance of giving back to their Mount Ida community.

Each year our senior class officers, together with their classmates, work together to organize and raise funds that are donated to their very own Mount Ida Senior Class Legacy Gift.  The Senior Class Legacy Gift is not only a way for seniors to show their commitment and support for the College, it’s also an opportunity for them to leave a legacy for future Mount Ida students.


The proceeds from this year’s legacy gift will go to refurbishing our campus’s main bridge. This bridge links the residence halls and academic buildings to our dining commons and Campus Center. Each student walks across the main bridge at least three times a day during each semester. The bridge is much more than just a walkway to our senior class; it is a symbol of each student’s journey to academic and personal success.

Now it is your turn to recognize the importance of giving back, by making the first in a lifetime of tangible commitments to the College. Donate to the Senior Class Legacy Gift to Mount Ida here.


Jill Wierbicki Abrahams

Vice President for Advancement

(617) 928-4630