Adopt-a-Scholar Program

Mount Ida College consistently attracts talented students to its campus. However, many of these students, while qualified in academic ability, lack the resources to finance a Mount Ida education. The Adopt-a-Scholar program enables donors like you to help finance the college education of one of our academically talented students who is in financial need.

At Mount Ida, we do our very best to make a private New England college experience within reach to our students and their families. Each year, the College provides over 81 percent of our students with more than $13 million in aid. Despite this, many of our bright, academically motivated students receiving aid require additional financial support.


To participate in the Adopt-a-Scholar program, we ask you to commit to funding at any of these three giving levels: $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000. As a donor, you will have the option to continue funding until your Adopt-a-Scholar participant graduates. To acknowledge and celebrate your support of our Adopt-a-Scholar students, we will invite you and other participating donors to our annual scholarship dinner. Gifts under $1,000 are also welcome.

Student participants in the Adopt-a-Scholar program must be enrolled full-time, be in good academic and social standing and complete an annual FAFSA application. Your generous donation will help your Adopt-a-Student Scholar realize his or her dream of a college degree and a path to a successful career.

Adopt-A-Scholar today and make the difference in the life of a deserving student.

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