Annual Report of Donors

Your support of Mount Ida College is formally recognized in our Annual Report of Donors. As importantly, your contributions are recognized every day by our students who work hard to realize their goals and dreams while at Mount Ida and beyond. Also by our faculty and staff, who with your support are able to offer our students the resources, tools and support they need to be successful.



We invite you to look at our Annual Donor Report 2013-2014 and read more about the impact of your philanthropy. From the launch of a new rebranding initiative, to our major construction and renovation program that celebrated the successful renovation of Malloy Hall, the Campus Center and Dining Commons and expanded Dental Education Center and Community Dental Clinic, to the grand opening of our state-of-the-art student fitness center, the impact is significant.

In addition to the donors listed in our 2013-2014 Annual Donor Report, we would also like to recognize the following donors for their support: Andrea Sarzana, Anonymous, Mai Nguyen, Rose Botti-Salitsky, Anonymous, YHG, William Davis, Jane Hughes, Susan Denham, Nancy Hackett, Tom Schaller and Anthony Gisonda.

We are grateful for your commitment to Mount Ida and endorsement of our vision for private higher education that is accessible and of the highest quality.