Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the Certificate in Thanatology?

The Certificate in Thanatology provides documentation of advanced study in areas of death, dying, and grief as it is designed to supplement academic and professional training. It is not a degree program or a program that substitutes for a license in a specific discipline. For example, a social worker or mental health counselor has a license under which they provide counseling or therapy services. The Certificate of Thanatology documents expertise beyond the foundation level training received by all professionals of their discipline.

If I complete the Certificate of Thanatology am I certified?

No. You hold a certificate, not a certification. Workshops taken through NCDE can be used to meet the continuing education requirement to sit for the ADEC certification exam.

Who can register?

Anyone can register for the Certificate of Thanatology. There are no pre-requisites or application process. An advanced degree is not required in any advanced discipline.

Can I begin any time?

Yes. You can start with any course at any time. Any combination of courses, either the Summer Institute and/or online, can be taken over a three year period to complete the requirements of 60 credits of NCDE programs.

How many contact hours do can I earn for an online course or an on-site program?

You can earn six (6) contact hours for Summer Institute workshops and ten (10) contact hours for online courses.

If I’ve taken workshops at NCDE in the past and decide to register for the certificate now, do they count towards the 60 credits required?

Yes, providing that you took them within the last three years.

What do I do to begin?

Complete the online registration form or call NCDE to have a registration form sent to you. Send payment of $25.00, or call NCDE with your credit card information.