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Photo o Suzanne St Germain

Suzanne St. Germain

Associate Professor and Department Chair

Professional Studies in Education


Ed.D., Boston College
M.Ed., Boston State College
B.S., Westfield State University

Students in Professor St. Germain’s class instantly experience her passion for teaching, whether they are in a classroom, exploring the education system on a service-learning trip to Ireland, or in an internship at Bright Horizons, a partnership that St. Germain forged.

“To teach is to learn twice and I am proud to be a career educator. “

Professor St. Germain is continually doing research on brain-based teaching and learning. Learning, she says is as natural as breathing. “The interactive components that I utilize for brain-based teaching and learning are: relaxed alertness, immersion, and active processing. My classroom combines low threat with significant challenge, experiential learning, and analytical questions requiring genuine reflection. “

Her training as a special educator has enhanced her teaching practices and methodology. “I teach to all learning styles of my students. I use multiple modalities in my teaching approaches. I am interactive in my style of teaching and the art of asking analytical questions is woven into every class that I teach regardless of topic. All students can learn. She shares Howard Gardner’s philosophy, “It’s not HOW smart you are; it’s HOW you are smart. “

The most rewarding part of teaching is, “witnessing the intellectual growth of my students, knowing I helped along the way. The classroom is our learning lab that extends to the world outside. Hearing the students making connections during our discussions to their own lives, tells me that they are seeing the relevance of our topics. I really enjoy those moments immensely! “

Her administrative position as Academic Dean at another institution, a role she held for five years and receiving the Ronald Lettieri Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008 at Mount Ida College, are among Professor St. Germain’s many achievements.

She holds licensure in Elementary and Special Education and is a member of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Design, and the University Collaborative of New England.

Professor St. Germain’s teaching curriculum focuses on inclusionary education, children co-existing with social media, language acquisition in young children, motivation of learners, teacher effectiveness, and the effect of bullying and cyberbullying on children’s development.

I don't have a job, I have a purpose - to engage my students on an exciting, interactive, meaningful pathway that will bring them into a world of discovery.