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Photo of Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler

Department Chair Associate Professor


M.B.A., Babson College
B.A., Sociology and Communications, University of Vermont

Students in Professor Wheeler’s Global Business class got a unique perspective when they traveled to India. “All business students are required to take courses that expand their global awareness of some aspect of business. Through this course the students had the opportunity to experience business first-hand in the country they were studying. “

The five students and Wheeler spent nine days, traveling from the very modern to the more rural, experiencing a high-tech university, joining a group of women working on hand looms and spending time at a non-profit that supports education for all children.

That’s just one aspect of how Professor Wheeler approaches Global Business. She challenges her students to think about such questions as; How can America compete in the global economy? What issues do American businesses face when they outsource production to China and other rapidly developing regions?

“My research interests are focused on how American companies can be successful in the global environment. My background includes work as an operations manager in a bank, in teaching and in real estate investment. This combination of investment and global research helps me bring a unique perspective to my class. “

Wheeler advises her students to master fundamental business concepts now, so they are ready to respond to the changing market conditions in the future. “I urge them to develop cultural competence and global citizenship and to take travel opportunities when they arise to better understand the global economy. “

“Facilitating academic experiences that enhance student learning are the rewards of teaching. My recent trips to India, China and South America have broadened my understanding of international business and experiential learning. “

Wheeler is the co-author of “Effects of Stakeholder Pressures on International Business: Apple and Foxconn ” Business Law Review; Volume 47, Spring/Summer 2014.

She is a member of the Eastern Academy of Management and the Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

Professor Wheeler teaches Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting.

Students need to develop cultural competence and global citizenship. They need to travel to better understand the global economy.