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Photo of Robert Brown

Robert Brown

Associate Professor


Ph.D., Indiana University

M.A., Indiana State University

B.A., Keene State College

Sports writer, broadcaster, public address announcer, faculty athletics representative, media relations, working in the pressbox, NCAA fellow – they are all part of Professor Robert Brown’s experience in the world of sport management.

“I was fortunate enough to combine my passion for sports with my academic studies, writing my dissertation on crisis management and football after the assassination of President Kennedy. My background serves me well as I teach students in a variety of sport media and marketing courses. “

Brown sees the field expanding. “As the popularity of sport continues to grow, so does the consumption of sport through an ever-expanding selection of media options. As leagues expand and new sports enter into the competition for consumer leisure dollars, the need for intelligent, sport-savvy business professionals grows. “

He takes his passion for sports into the classroom every day. “There is an old saying “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” That applies here. Students arrive with a passion for sport, and it is our job to help them attain a deeper understanding of the topic and prepare them for a career.

And the learning happens out of the classroom as well. His best advice is to get experience! “There is a lot of competition to get into any area of sport management. You need to get involved, not as a player, but behind the scenes. Develop your skills, resume and professional network. Between our class projects, practicum courses, and internships we try to help, but students need to take responsibility for their future. It will all pay off when you start looking for that first job. “

And, it’s most rewarding to Brown, when the combination works. “It is always a highlight when students I have worked with are accepted to graduate school or gets their first job in their chosen field. When students contact me with their success stories, it validates the work we did in preparing them for their future.

Professor Brown is a member of the Society of American Baseball Researchers, the Sport Literature Association and the International Association for Communication and Sport.

Brown regularly presents at conferences tackling issues of the day including controversies involving athletes protesting various political issues at sporting events

He teaches Sport Law, Sport Communication, Sport Media, Sport Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Sociocultural Issues and Sport.

I enjoy helping young sport fans attain what they need in order to turn their passions into careers.