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Photo of Phil Rubin

Philip Rubin-Streit

Assistant Professor


Boston University, Master of Mathematical Finance,
B.S., University of Florida, Applied Mathematics

The field of applied mathematics has boundless opportunity, Professor Rubin-Streit says. As a co-founder of companies in various sectors, his private sector work has helped him to bring real-world applications to the classroom where he weaves anecdotes and experiences into his presentations.

“I teach applied math because too few people today go through the critical thinking and creative problem-solving training with data necessary to thrive in business environments. All industries have seen interesting developments with data analysis now coming into the fold. “

He counts among his career highlights the co-founding of an alternative education company that not only profited financially, but, more importantly, changed many student lives for the better. Alongside that accomplishment was using predictive analytics to help increase the ROI for a large e-commerce firm.

Professor Rubin-Streit is a member of the Mathematical Association of America and teaches Fundamentals of Investment, Business Statistics and Mathematical Ideas.

If you are interested in problem solving in any sector, applied mathematics has the tools needed to thrive.