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Nancy Hegarty

Assistant Professor


M.S., Taxation Concentration, Bentley University
M.B.A., Boston University
B.S., Babson College, Accounting & Quantitative Methods Concentration




School Of Business

Prof. Nancy Hegarty brings great experience in the corporate world to her role as Assistant Professor of Business at Mount Ida. In her career, Prof. Hegarty is experienced in leading Customer Experience, Strategy and Product Development, and Marketing functions, and in designing and delivering workshops on her areas of expertise. “In the fast-paced, ever-evolving business environment that we’re in,” she says, “practical experience is extremely helpful to provide context.

Prof. Hegarty is a licensed Certified Public Accountant, earned a MBA from Boston University, and a Masters of Science in Taxation from Bentley University. In her career, she has spearheaded initiatives in multiple locations and markets that identified hundreds of specific opportunities, re-focusing Marketing, Sales and Product Development programs. Marketing, Prof. Hegarty says, is moving to the forefront and center of business decisions.

She’s looking forward to sharing with she knows and working with Mount Ida’s students. “Marketing is a critical business function that is demanding and fun. Successful professionals need to have a desire to keep learning and to be flexible. Tools and techniques are constantly emerging and evolving, and in order to stay on top of your game, keeping up to date is essential.”

“Customers are more powerful than ever. Businesses that embrace the shift and rise to meet the new demands will flourish; those that don’t will be left behind.”