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Photo of Laurylan Dyer

Lauralyn Dyer

Assistant Professor


D.V.M., Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
M.S., University of New Hampshire, Zoology
B.S., University of New Hampshire, Zoology

The love of animals and science come together perfectly for Dr. Lauralyn Dyer who enjoys sharing her passion with her students. “I have always had an interest in animals and science from an early age. Then more interests were layered upon the original, such as medicine and teaching, ” leading her to her career as a vet. “I really enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for science with anyone who will listen! “

One of the aspects of veterinary medicine Dr. Dyer likes most is the diversity of the field. “There are so many ways to work as a vet outside of a small animal general practice. ” And one of those ways is to share her knowledge with her students. “I have not only taught, and practice as a veterinarian, but I was also a student not that long ago, so I easily remember what life is like on the other side of the classroom. I always appreciated it when Professors would discuss real examples so I will do that as often as possible with cases that I see at the small animal practice where I work part time. “

Dr. Dyer tells her students that to go into the veterinary field takes dedication and is not a choice to be made lightly. She advises them to talk to as many veterinarians as possible because each will have their own opinion. “It’s important to hear a variety of perspectives. When people talk to me about wanting to become a vet, I try to figure out why and see if there is any other way to satisfy that desire. The whole process of becoming a competitive candidate is very long and intense. “

Dr. Dyer is a licensed veterinarian in Massachusetts and is a member of the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) and the Massachusetts Veterinary Medicine Association, (MVMA).

She teaches the introductory and second level lectures and labs in veterinary technology.