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Kathleen Driscoll


Art Foundation Art Foundation Coordinator School of Design Gallery Coordinator


M.F.A., Indiana University at Bloomington
B.F.A., Boston University




School of Design

Art has been part of Professor Driscoll’s life from an early age. “Art was and is a powerful tool for personal expression.” Over many years she has developed the necessary skills and abundant knowledge to make art and teaching her life’s work.  Kathleen’s knowledge is quite broad in the field of art from studio work to history of art, she pulls from this knowledge and experience whether she is in her studio, building a sculptural commission, coordinating exhibitions or teaching in the classroom.

Driscoll began teaching young and found she not only enjoyed it but was good in communicating to students how they could become successful creators and designers themselves. “I am most interested in having a varied student body with differing skill levels, knowledge and background. The sharing of different ideas and cultures in the classroom makes for a stimulating learning experience for all. “

Kathleen has taught at Indiana University and many colleges and universities in the Boston area, as well internationally in Saudi Arabia. “I bring my love and understanding of art and design into the classroom teaching students how to communicate visual ideas through art. “

Professor Driscoll’s career has been varied, she has built large-scale commissioned sculptures, has shown her work in exhibitions in museums, galleries, universities and cities. These include, the City of Boston, the City of Bellevue in Washington State, Longwood University in Virginia and the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts, among others.

Professor Driscoll has received grants, one from the Taconic foundation and awards for her work. She has received many reviews, and taken part in many interviews on her work and the work of others.

In her art history course she shares her knowledge of the exciting world of art over time, especially modern and contemporary art that fully inspires and is intertwined in the current trends in all fields of design.

The field of art is never boring. “Art is always evolving. Art is a truly inventive field which has been influencing designers throughout history to take more chances in creating. Art and design are fully intertwined, so much so, that if you look at any field of design you can see art as the basic core. “

Currently, Professor Driscoll teaches Two and Three Dimensional Design, Basic Drawing Skills and Drawing Concepts.

Becoming a successful designer, mix a love and knowledge of art with design.