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Photo of Karin Torrisi

Karin Torrisi

Assistant Professor - Clinical Dental Hygienist


M.S.M, Cambridge College, Health Care Concentration
B.S., Northeastern University, Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists
A.S., Northeastern University, Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists

Professor Torrisi brings to her students, a real-world application both from her overall experience and continuing practice as a clinical hygienist. “My years of experience has given a concrete foundation that consists of communicating and working with diverse populations which has enhanced my ability to manage different styles of learners and patients. ”

Highlights of her career include the volunteer work that she has done in the many areas of oral health and several communities. She has been able to build and maintain relationships with dental professionals throughout the years.

Torrisi’s students engage in activities that encourage student participation and ideas, as opposed to a traditional lecture setting. She urges her students to “keep an open mind to those around you in order to build on the knowledge that you have gained. Be inquisitive, self-motivated, keep the patient the focus of care and find a mentor to help navigate the journey of dental hygiene. ”

Professor Torrisi is passionate about her field and teaching. “I love to help others and it is rewarding to see the change that I can bring about in a patients’ overall and oral health. I love teaching because it is such a joy to see the success of students as they learn about the profession I hold so dear to my heart. ”

It is an exciting time for her profession, Torrisi says. “Dental hygiene is being incorporated into other professions to provide the best care to the “overall ” patient. This expansion coupled with the advances the profession has made with technology and lasers, makes this a dynamic time to be joining or working in the profession. ”

Professor Torrisi holds a Dental Hygiene License, Local Anesthesia license, is CPR certified and is a member of the American Dental Hygienists Association, the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists Association and Sigma Beta Delta, business honor society.

Professor Torrisi teaches the radiology lab, first and second year clinic, Periodontology, Dental Hygiene Theory and Local Anesthesia.

It is such a joy to see the success of students and watch them learn the profession I hold so dear to my heart.