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Photo of Joni Siani

Joni Siani

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator

Media Communication


M.Ed., Cambridge College, Psychology
B.S., Newbury College, Communications





Students in Professor Siani’s class are often asked to do the unthinkable – turn off their digital devices for a week and to communicate one-on-one and speak to each other. Resistance is instant, but after a week, a new-found awareness of self emerges. “Anxiety is down, depression is gone, and students are amazed they not only survived – but liked it. ”

Siani has been a media maker for more than 30 years, starting out as a teen radio personality and evolving into an award-winning documentary filmmaker and academician. Recognized as an expert in the growing field of Media Psychology, Professor Siani delves into the combination of the shaping effects of media on personal development and relationships, providing a unique perspective for her students.

The fast-paced changes of media technology within the media industry are challenging and Professor Siani is committed to helping students develop the skills they need to build the foundations of communication in order to adapt to all the changes. Her students enjoy not only her expertise but also her enormous enthusiasm.

In addition to being a continuing presence on Boston radio, Professor Siani has just completed work on her documentary “Celling Your Soul,” exploring how cell phone technology is changing the way we communicate – for better and for worse.

“Over the past decade we’ve gotten more intrigued by what the technology can do rather than what “we ” can do. The pendulum is now swinging back and industry insiders say they are looking for graduates who have excellent communication skills and other soft skills while who are also well-prepared to grow with the rapid changes the media communication industry constantly presents. ”

Siani is as comfortable in front of a classroom as she is behind a microphone or camera. “I think everyone is a bit of a teacher. Being able to share information and prepare students for life is an honor. In addition to the academics, I have learned profound philosophies from my own mentors and incredible experts in my field. To pass along some of the lessons I have learned from media professionals and highly acclaimed academics is the best part of my teaching and professional experience. ”

“Celling Your Soul” and Siani were honored as the Best Documentary, Boston International Kids Film Festival, along with other screening awards and speaking engagements. The documentary was included in the global initiative at the Digital Citizenship Summit, a live stream to the U.S. and other countries from Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco.

Professor Siani is a member of the American Psychological Association, National Association of Media Literacy Education and MediaLiteracyNow.org.

Siani has taught Abnormal Psychology, Interpersonal Communications, effective Communications, Media Literacy, Public Speaking, Radio Production, Business Communication, Freshman Seminar and Media Seminar.

In a very short period, every one of us has become a media maker capable of reaching millions. This is a powerful privilege and responsibility for us, as individuals and as a society.