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Photo of Jim Martin.

James Martin


English and Humanities


Ph.D., English Literature, Religion, and Theology, Boston University
M.Div., Biblical Literature, Boston University
B.A., English Literature, Colby College

Few, if any, professors at the College, know Mount Ida better. Professor Jim Martin has, over the past 37 years, served both as a Professor of English and, earlier, as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. His passion for Mount Ida and its mission of access and affordability is clear in everything he does both in and out of the classroom.

A prolific author, he is a nationally sought-after expert on college and university leadership and how institutions can strengthen themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace – especially in New England. Throughout his career, Professor Martin has brought his passion for literature into his classrooms: “For present and future English majors at Mount Ida I would say that you have chosen one of the best colleges in the nation from which to succeed in a wide range of career opportunities after graduation and, prior to that, to acquire the necessary foundation to be a persuasive writer and an effective public speaker. ”

Professor Martin’s books, all with Johns Hopkins University Press, include Consolidating Colleges and Merging Universities: New Strategies for Higher Education Leaders (2017),The Provost’s Handbook: The Role of the Chief Academic Officer (2015) and The Sustainable University: Green Goals and New Challenges for Higher Education Leaders (2012) and Turnaround: Leading Stressed Colleges and Universities to Excellence (Johns Hopkins, 2009).

One of the most interesting things he finds about teaching is “acknowledging that on the first day of classes every September, old ideas about what once worked must be discarded without hesitation in order to learn new ways to make things work that day and going forward. ”

His career highlights include a Fulbright fellowship in London to study mergers within the University of London system and being named the recipient of the Ronald Lettieri Award for Excellence in Teaching at the College. Professor Martin is a member of the National Council of Teachers of English and is ordained as an Elder in the United Methodist Church.

He teaches Topics in American Literature: The Culture and Counterculture of the 1960s, Topics in British Literature: 1800 to the Present, Public Speaking, Catastrophes and Disasters: Breakdowns of our World, Expository Writing, and Introduction to Composition and Literature.

Teaching literature, writing, and public speaking is a privilege even before it is a career. Working with students is an opportunity to watch the future taking shape in a supportive yet challenging educational environment.