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Photo of James Jabbour

James Jabbour

Program Coordinator Assistant Professor


M.S., University of New Haven, Forensic Science
University of New Haven, Graduate Certificate; Advanced Investigations

Enter the Forensic Science Center at Mount Ida and you will find Professor Jabbour demonstrating how to use a traditional microscope, a ballistic comparison microscope or stereo-zoom microscope to examine items too large to put on a slide.

Or, his students might be learning how to use auto-magnifiers to examine larger items such as tire tracks and foot impressions, or a fuming hood that allows them to process for fingerprints

A mass spectrometer sits nearby, allowing examination of minute particles of solids and liquids and make comparisons of their chemical makeup.

The worlds of law enforcement and teaching has meshed nicely for Professor Jabbour who has been involved in law enforcement for over 30 years.

Jabbour began his career at age 20 when he joined the USAF security police. “I became interested in investigations after my first temporary assignment and later transferred to the Office of Special Investigations.” When he separated in 1985, he joined the Connecticut State Police later becoming a polygraph examiner and detective. From there, in 1994, it was on to the Chief State Attorney’s Office as a police inspector, where he stayed until retiring, but not before earning his Master of Science in Forensic Science and Advanced Investigations.

He was appointed Education Commissioner with the American College of Forensic Examiners and has been interviewed on an episode of “Snapped ” on the Oxygen network to discuss a homicide investigation and forensics at an area school.

He is a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners and continues to present specialized lectures and assists high schools with the development of forensic science curriculum as well as making high school visits.

Professor Jabbour stresses the importance of identifying both short and long-term career goals and encourages the pursuit of a college education which will open doors during the job search and above all, provide the impetus to be open to new methods, ideas and lifelong learning.

Professor Jabbour teaches Forensic Science, Veterinary Forensics, Forensic Psychology, Case Studies and Special Topics in Forensic Science and Emergency Management for Sports Management.

I enjoy the interaction and derive great satisfaction of solving some complex investigations and bringing closure to crime victims, their families and the criminal justice system.