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Photo of Hayley Skulborstad

Hayley Skulborstad

Assistant Professor

Social Sciences


Ph.D., Miami University, Social Psychology
Certificate in College Teaching
Certificate in Applied Statistics
M.A., Miami University, Social Psychology
B.S., Bradley University, Psychology

Professor Skulborstad sees psychology as a growing interdisciplinary field that has its impact in diverse areas such as counseling, marketing research, trial consulting, and public policy just to name a few. “Psychological theories have the power to improve peoples’ everyday lives.” And it is that important mission that she extols to her students.

“I enjoy helping students discover new things and learn how to consider different perspectives. I help them navigate research and we learn together, ” she says.

“It is crucial to teach and develop critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, evaluation of evidence, and communication skills. I want to promote lifelong learning. “

She achieves these goals in her classroom, by leveraging psychological concepts including growth mindset, goal setting, meta cognitive reflection, zone of proximal development, self-regulation, and self-determination theory to improve student learning.

To begin their careers, she advises students to job shadow and talk with people in the field to get a better sense of daily responsibilities, expectations, and long-term outlook. I encourage them to “find out and pursue opportunities to gain experience and skills needed for the occupation they are pursuing. Also, most students are gaining great experiences but need help translating it for a resume and in the interview, so I recommend they talk with mentors in the field and career experts. ”

Among Professor Skulborstad’s co-authored articles are:

Skulborstad, H. M, & Hermann, A. D. (2016). Individual difference predictors of the experience of emerging adulthood. Emerging Adulthood, 4, 168-175.

Hermann, A. D., Skulborstad, H. M, & Wirth, J. H. (2014). Assuaging the aversive effects of ostracism with acceptance: The role of attachment styles. Social Influence, 9, 255-271.

She is a member of the Society of Personality and Social Psychologists and the Midwestern Psychological Association.

Professor Skulborstad has taught psychological statistics and research methods, social psychology and marketing research at Miami University and teaches Introduction to Psychology, Human Growth and Development, and Theories of Personality at Mount Ida.