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Photo of Daniel Roberto

Daniel Roberto


English and Humanities


M.A, University of Illinois
A.B. University of Notre Dame

A prolific theater director, producer and actor, Professor Daniel Roberto transforms his classroom into a stage. “My active participation in the theatre has given me a better perspective on my field and improved communication skills in the classroom. “

As a member of The American federation of Television and Radio Artists, Roberto’s experience extends from theater to radio, and he has starred in countless plays throughout New England and the country. At Mount Ida, he lends his expertise to his classes on Expository Writing, Literature, Public Speaking, Poetry and Drama. Roberto stresses the importance of literature as sources of inspiration and reward in a technology-obsessed world to his students. “In an age of technological infatuation and preoccupation, finding inspiration and reward in the pursuit of literature and literary skills is increasingly important.”

Roberto tells students interesting in pursuing drama or literature that, “There are those who may advise you that what you are pursuing is ‘irrelevant’ or of only minimal utility in a technologically-sophisticated society. Remember, as Emerson said, ‘You are to be the world’s eye; you are the world’s heart’ And Orwell’s thesis: ‘It is the slovenliness of our language that makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts. Help the poor souls. “

For Professor Roberto, the best part of teaching is watching his students expand their intellectual horizons. “Occasionally, a student will say or write something that is brilliant, insightful and the beginning of an awareness that will improve the quality of their life, now and in the future. “