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Curtis Holland

Assistant Professor

Criminal Justice


Ph.D., Sociology, Northeastern University
M.A., Sociology, Boston College
B.A., Bridgewater State College

Curtis Holland recently obtained his PhD in sociology from Northeastern University. He has published articles on issues of masculinity, poverty, and violence in Northern Ireland, and has co-authored research on family homicide. He is currently conducting research with colleagues on the changing nature of security threats in the 21st century and problems of political policing in Northern Ireland.  He is also interested in undertaking future research on obstacles to, and opportunities for building trust between police and African American communities in the Boston area. Dr. Holland has also presented research on a variety of topics at national conferences across the country and is currently a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS).

Professor Holland brings a critical, broad-based, international and interdisciplinary perspective on issues of crime and (in)justice to the classroom, and has taught a variety of courses in sociology and criminal justice, including Social Problems, Social Inequality, Juvenile Delinquency, Violence in the Family, Sociology of Crime and Delinquency, and Deviance and Social Control, among others. At Mount Ida, he is currently teaching Criminal Profiling Strategies, Criminal Sex Offenders, and Critical Issues in Criminal Justice. Professor Holland is particularly passionate about helping students construct a critical and comprehensive understanding of connections between individual behavior and socio-structural and cultural phenomena, such as racism, classism, segregation, political power, patriarchy and hyper-masculinity. He hopes to incorporate service-learning and community-engagement components into future courses on topics of criminal corrections and reintegration, restorative justice, and poverty and social (im)mobility.