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Photo of Brad Hastings

Brad Hastings



Ph.D., Kansas State University, Social Psychology
M.S., Kansas State University, Social Psychology
B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Psychology

Dean Brad Hastings is proud that every student who studies and graduates from Mount Ida College passes through the doors of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

“I recognize that we are the heart of the college for very good reasons. Students in our majors, and those who take our classes to satisfy academic core course requirements, gain the important skills associated with a liberal arts education. “

Included in those skill sets are advanced abilities in written and oral communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Hastings emphasizes that “these are the very characteristics that employers seek in the contemporary job market. The classes in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities not only prepare our students for better careers, they prepare our students for a better life. “

In the classroom, Dean Hastings makes history come alive for his students. As part of his “Psychology of Evil and the Holocaust ” students travel with him to Prague and Germany where they tour a concentration camp, visit the City of Prague, with emphasis on the Jewish Quarter, as well as such iconic places as the Berlin Wall, Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate.

The travel aspect of our courses is a wonderful learning opportunity. Our trip to Germany and Prague gives the students a deeper understanding of the Holocaust, human violence, aggression and cruelty, examined through the social sciences.