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Photo of Barbara Pulaski

Barbara Pulaski


Social Sciences


Ph.D., Boston College
M.Sc., Harvard School of Public Health
M.A., Boston College
B.A., Boston University

As a Professor of sociology, Barbara Pulaski helps her students understand sociological concepts in a historical and psychological context. She believes that students should learn to view current events through a sociological lens.

“I see the world not in terms of one discipline, but in terms of a combination of disciplines. I teach courses in sociology, but, in the classroom I refer to the fields of history and psychology. To that view, my son, a research scientist, and I have written four papers on immigration studies and have presented these four papers at four annual conferences of the American Historical Society. “

She advises students who are interested in sociology to follow their passions and their own special interests. When Pulaski and her son first started studying 19th century immigrants, they were simply delving into an area of personal interest. “We had no idea that we would be asked to present papers at the American Historical Society, or that our papers would become part of the permanent collection at the American Textile Museum in Lowell, Mass. “

For the past 14 years, Pulaski has served as the Chairperson of the Prize Book Committee at Harvard. Through this position, she has had the opportunity to communicate with guidance counselors, headmasters, and principals of the schools receiving the Prize Book.

Professor Pulaski has received four National Science Foundation grants to study at Harvard during the summers. She is a member of Massachusetts Public Health Association, Harvard School of Public Health Alumnae Association, and the American Historical Society.

Pulaski teaches Introduction to Sociology, Race and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of the Family, Cross Cultural Psychology and Social Inequality.

The day I stop learning from my students is the day I retire.