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Angelos Fotopoulos



Ph.D., Northeastern University, Theoretical Physics
M.S., Northeastern University, Physics
B.S., University of Patras, Greece, Physics
Postdoctoral fellow: Centre de Physique Theorique, Ecole Polytechnique, France; Imperial College, London University of Crete, Greece; University of Torino and INFN, Torino Italy.

Professor Fotopoulos makes physics and mathematics come to life in his classroom. “As an instructor I try to make abstract concepts concrete by connecting topics covered with real-world examples. I teach my students critical thinking so they can enjoy the process of learning physics and mathematics. “

Professor Fotopoulos brings a wealth of global experience as well to his classroom. “I believe that my international experience in both teaching and research has helped me acquire valuable skills in teaching and mentoring students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. “

It is clear that Professor Fotopoulos is passionate about the field. “I simply love science. Physics is one of the most exciting research fields with new developments every day. It is the foundation of most modern scientific fields. Teaching and research in physics is fun but requires high dedication as well. “

He assures his students that with science you never get bored. “There is always a new discovery or a new idea in physics and/or mathematics which will motivate you to explore it further and eventually try to apply it to real life problems. “

Professor Fotopoulos has been published in 19 peer-review journals, has served as a referee for high-impact scientific journals and has given talks in several international conferences. He has also been a lecturer at Northeastern University and the National Technical University of Athens.

Professor Fotopoulos was elected to the ΦΚΦ Honor Society based on academic excellence demonstrated during the course of his Ph.D. program at Northeastern University

He teaches Physics for science majors, Statistics for Behavioral Sciences and Physics for non-science majors as well as general chemistry.