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Allison Poor-Donahue- Headshot As of Summer 2017

Alison Poor-Donahue

Design & Digital Media Department Chair Associate Professor


M.F.A., Marywood University, Visual Communications/Graphic Design
B.A., Regis College, Graphic Design




School of Design

Joined the School of Design at Mount Ida College in Fall 2008 as Department Chair for Graphic Design. Also operates Alison Poor-Donahue Inc., which has a proven ability to transform concepts into reality. Combining creative, artistic talent to deliver revenue-enhancing market-oriented campaigns that exceed sales projection for clients in the Greater Boston area. Received tenure in the Spring 2014 and promoted to Design and Digital Department Chair (Graphic Design, Photography and Interactive Media & Web Development) in the Fall of 2015. Prominent member of the community, elected Chair of the Curriculum Committee since 2012 and Alpha Chi Co-Sponsor since 2014. An AIGA faculty mentor since 2008 and currently holding a positions on the board of The InDesign Users Group of Boston (IDUG) and AIGA Education Committee.

As an educator; Department Chair of the Design & Digital Media department, one of my top priorities is to prepare my students to enter the workforce as confident, knowledgeable and well-informed young designers. I aim to expose my students to a variety of experiences, knowledge-gaining opportunities and contacts. I want my students to be specialized in design and technology, but I also want them to be exposed to other various areas of understanding. My goal is to prepare them to be students for life, as we are never really done learning, especially in this ever-changing field of design.

As a professor, I feel I am responsible for more than just teaching, I hope to inspire students to become the best artists and designers they can be. I truly believe this process starts with strong mentoring. I take special care to adjust my teaching style to the talents of the students, maintaining a face-to-face relationship with the students and an open dialogue that can take many hours outside of the classroom. When teaching, I expect my students to understand the process, technology and time management.

I give them the tools to critique and appreciate designs in any given medium and I engage my students in discussions, activities, and a higher-level of conceptual thinking. I am dedicated to the success of my students, both in and out of the classroom and feel the skills they learn in the classroom will present them with many opportunities in the design world. It is my goal to improve student achievement with quality instruction that will prepare them to influence the future.