Game Art and Animation Faculty Bring Real-World Experiences to the Classroom

June 17, 2103-


When it comes to the video game industry, experience means everything. That’s why Mount Ida is proud to have game art and animation faculty with extensive industry experience. Our specialized educators offer the best resources and insights to fill the professional gaming industry with your ideas and passion. By collaborating with our professors, game art and animation majors learn about advanced 2D and 3D animation, game production, level design, special effects and conceptual art to create an individualized digital portfolio for lifelong careers.

Immediate connection with industry

“Having teachers that are currently in the industry or who have recently come from the industry gives our students an immediate connection with the field, said Eric Hunn, Program Director, B.F.A. “Our instructors bring with them a wealth of professional experience, and our small class sizes offer our students plenty of one-on-one time with instructors.”

Hunn has had the opportunity to work for some incredible companies, such as 38 Studios, Tom Snyder Productions and the Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation. As an award-winning animator, Eric’s thesis at the Rochester Institute of Technology took 2nd prize in the 2006 Brattleboro Animation Festival, and he was a finalist for the 2009 Marvel Motion Comic Contest. From all of these experiences, Hunn is grateful for the opportunity to give students a direct impression of what it’s like working on interactive entertainment for a profession.

Learning outcomes for success

“I believe the best way to teach is to give students a jumping point for personal growth,” concluded Professor Hunn. “We teach a wide variety of software in Game Art, but simply learning that software isn’t enough. It’s how you use those tools to reach people as an artist. It’s not just growing in the classroom — it’s taking the tools you’ve learned there and building something great with them.”