Professional Studies in Education Professor Prepares Teachers for the Future

June 17, 2013-

Mount Ida College’s Professional Studies in Education Program prepares highly qualified teachers with a strong foundation in the study of children and their development. By receiving the skills necessary in child life, you are ready for your work as early childhood professionals or as teachers in public schools for grades PreK-2. Our practical, hands-on learning environment, also allows you to make a meaningful impact on your future work with children.

Career focused program

Suzanne St. Germain, Program Director, Ph.D., creates a curriculum that is complete with dedicated, accessible faculty. In her professional experience, she has designed and implemented education programs for students from the middle school level through the undergraduate level. Before coming to our college, she was in private practice working with children with head injuries. Her expertise is in the area of brain-based teaching and learning strategies regarding multiple learning styles.

“I have a purpose here at Mount Ida, which is to create a learning environment that prepares students for their future careers in the field of education,” she said. “My teaching approach is compatible with the learning styles of my students, enhancing their ability to retain and retrieve course content.”

Meaningful internships

Germain designs individualized internship experiences for students pursuing child-focused careers or obtaining a Massachusetts licensure as Teacher of Students Without and Without Disabilities, PreK-2. Through internships, students gain the opportunity to use their coursework to excel in internship settings. The outcome of these meaningful internships has proven to be successful, resulting in a 93 percent job placement upon graduating.

“It is our goal to prepare students for the future through meaningful, individualized, career-focused internships,” concluded Professor Germain. “A hallmark of our program is faculty engagement in assisting students as they choose an internship that will guide them on a pathway to future employment.”