Department Chair Brings American Studies Major to Mount Ida

June 17, 2013-


Mount Ida students may now study history and interdisciplinary studies, while exploring the rich diversity of American life from a variety of perspectives. From colonial America to Modern America, students receive a broad grounding in the study of the United States. Thanks to Steven Eames, Chair of the Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies, Ph.D., students can learn about a variety of disciplines without the hassle of studying in two different departments.

Interdisciplinary training

“As much as I love history as a way of knowing about who we are today, I always believed that American studies was a better fit for our college because it provides more flexibility for students in a professional path than a traditional history major,” said Eames. “American Studies includes history, and many students are drawn to it because of an interest in that field, but it is much more.”

Endless career options

Professor Eames believes that American Studies provides a basis for many professional paths, such as secondary education and government, and is the perfect springboard for graduate work in law, history and political science. For instance, many of his graduates pursue teaching at the secondary level, and because of the major, there is flexibility to teach in more than one area.

Pursuit of history

“Since a very early age I have been a complete nut about history,” stated Eames. “I think the students appreciate the passion I bring to the subject. They all learn that history is not a bunch of dates, names, and events to memorize. History is a story about human beings.”

In addition to teaching history courses and interdisciplinary seminars, Eames pursues research and writing in history. His publications include a book on the community of Nahant, Massachusetts during the Civil War, and another book entitled Rustic Warriors: Warfare and the Provincial Soldier on the New England Frontier, 1689-1748.