Applied Forensic Science Professor Provides Specialized Perspective

June 17, 2013-


In the Applied Forensic Science Program, students combine biology, chemistry, and criminal justice courses to approach crime scene analysis. Our faculty members are renowned forensic scientists who have received awards for their teaching as well as scientific contributions. They provide training in our fully-equipped labs with hands-on personalized instruction from working in forensic investigation. Upon graduation, they prepare you for on-scene work in a wide variety of disciplines from police departments to medical examiners offices to federal agencies.

Unmatched forensic knowledge

Professor James Jabbour, Program Director, M.S., has held many positions as a retired Police Inspector after 30 years in law enforcement. His involvement in cases from crime scene investigation, forensic analysis, recreation, and reconstruction of evidence, has allowed him to bring a multidisciplinary approach to his teaching. Additionally, before coming to our college, he was assigned to the Witness Protection Program and a Computer Crimes Task Force, assisting with cold case investigations, homicides, police shootings and statewide prosecutions.

Leading in the field of forensics

Sharing his knowledge on several national, professional organizations, and task forces, Jabbour presents at specialized seminars and forensic training campus. He is also an Education Commissioner with the American College of Forensic Examiners and Lecturer with the Massachusetts Bio-Education Foundation. In this role, he conducts seminars to high school biotechnology programs about applied forensic science. Media organizations, furthermore, have asked Jabbour to contribute to their forensic science and crime scene documentation, including Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp,” which examines common everyday events and views them again in slow motion to uncover the many principles of physics.