Nicole Cantello

Recent Mount Ida Dental Hygiene grade Nicole Cantello is doing what she loves in Santa Barbara, California and spoke to reporter Juliana Inglesias from ValuePenguin about how she got from here to there. Read the entire article here.

My experience at Mount Ida was priceless. Despite the rigorous academics, I constantly felt encouraged by my professors to be the best student I could be. It was definitely the hardest two years of schooling I have ever done, but I experienced the most academic success I ever had. The professors gave us everything we needed to succeed academically and in the real world as registered dental hygienists.


“Julio is fantastic, both in and out of the classroom.” “He is a leader in both his actions and his words. ”A terrific young man.” “A great soccer player.” Those were the instant responses from the faculty in Sport Management and the men’s soccer coach at Mount Ida College when the name Julio Barroso was mentioned.

Julio, a Sport Management major at Mount Ida for the past year has made his mark both quickly and deeply. And, says Julio, it’s because he came prepared with eyes open and has continued to learn and strive to be the best he can be.

Julio hails from Central Falls, Rhode Island, a predominantly Latino city where he says he gained an early and global perspective on topics and issues that affect his daily life. His growing-up years were a mixture on the inner city and the local college prep school he attended in Providence. “There I learned to truly express myself and articulate my ideas and thoughts in ways that would appeal to many different types of backgrounds.” It wasn’t easy, Julio adds. “I initially struggled with the culture shock of going from schools which were dominated by minority students to a school where the majority were of wealthier neighborhoods. I eventually learned how to interact with people from both backgrounds.” And that experience, he says “has helped me both understand and immerse myself completely into both cultures.”

When he was deciding on colleges, it was an overnight visit to the Mount Ida campus that made the decision easy. “I had a feeling of family and togetherness….everyone was so outgoing and willing to get to know me.” That welcoming feeling was strongest on the first day of pre-season of the men’s soccer team. “Despite my being a tiny freshman just joining the team, the returning players embraced me and the other freshmen coming in.”

Julio takes what he learns at Mount Ida every day and puts it into practical use in Project GOAL, a program that helps inner-city students in Rhode Island attend private schools and achieve higher success in their educational journeys. In addition he is a peer tutor and mentor for the CONNECT program at Mount Ida. He proudly states that after a rough start, he has achieved a 3.8 G.P.A. and plans to continue to make the Dean’s List and hopefully to bring in a GNAC championship for the Mount Ida Men’s Soccer Team.

For the faculty and coaches at Mount Ida, there is little doubt that he will do all that and more.