August 2014 – Just in time for the new school year, the parking and wayfinding signage on the Mount Ida College campus is getting a new look.

This fall, Mount Ida is introducing new identification signs and a redesigned campus map to make it easier for students, faculty and visitors to navigate campus. The new signs and map are designed to familiarize our students and faculty with, and introduce visitors to, all that Mount Ida has to offer.  Our student-focused campus renovations, including our new campus center and fitness center, will be highlighted by the new signs and map.


At the gate house on Carlson Avenue, a new electronic message center will display timely information, including current events and campus updates.In addition, a campus map and directional signage will orient you as soon as you enter the main campus area.

The redesigned campus map will feature a new color coding system. The system will delineate the academic and residential areas of campus. The residential buildings will be shown as red and the academic buildings will be shown as orange.


Our campus is represented on the map as an orange and red circle with a green line bisecting it. The green line represents the newly named Shaw Road which provides a convenient way to get across campus. The orange section of the map represents North Loop, which houses our academic buildings, and the red section of the map South Loop, housing our residential buildings. When you are traveling on the North Loop all of the signs and banners you will see will be orange; similarly, when you are traveling on the South Loop all of the signs and banners you will see will be red; lastly, when you cross campus on Shaw Road you will notice green signage. This system will provide a visual cue to your location on campus. At each intersection, color coded signs with arrows will indicate how to find your destination.


New signs will assist students, faculty, visitors and first responders to navigate campus. The project’s completion is expected during the fall semester with the addition of new festive pageantry to highlight our Mustang pride.

August 2014 – Mount Ida College is introducing a new campus-wide parking plan for fall 2014, with the goal of providing safe, orderly, and convenient parking for students, employees, and visitors to our campus. We strive to make parking on campus as convenient as possible, while promoting safe movement of vehicles, providing for pedestrian safety, and assuring free and continuous access to buildings and walkways for pedestrians and emergency vehicles. New, color-coded parking signage will identify the updated parking area designations.

IDA_parking_642x428 (1)

Effective September 5, 2014, new parking regulations will be implemented for the purpose of establishing a more efficient and organized use of parking spaces.

Vehicles on campus (day or evening) must be registered with Mount Ida’s Campus Police Department and must display a valid permit. Please go directly to the Campus Police Department to obtain a parking permit.

Please read below for our FAQ on new campus parking procedures:

Q: Will I still be able to use my current parking pass after September 2014?

A: No. Effective September 15, 2014, any previously issued parking tags will not be considered valid.

Q: Will students need to apply and register for parking each year?

A: Effective September 2014, students will be required to apply and register for parking annually.

Q: Will there be specific parking designations for resident students, commuter students and faculty/staff?

A: Yes. Campus Police will issue new parking permits with specific designations for resident students, commuter students and faculty/staff. Parking spaces will be designated and clearly marked based on these three permit types. Parking designations will be strictly enforced.

Q: Where will resident student parking area designations be located on campus?

A: Resident student parking permits will allow a resident student to park in any of the lots by Chapman, Malloy, Wingate, as well as the roadway adjacent to Trustee Field. Resident parking will be identified by red signs.

Q: Where will commuter student parking area designations be located on campus?

A: Commuter student parking permits will allow a commuter student to park in the Longfellow, NEI, and Veterinary Technology lots, as well as the roadway that runs from Halden to the NEI building. Commuter parking will be identified by orange signs.

Q: What is the parking registration procedure for faculty and staff?

A: Faculty and staff must register for parking on or before September 5, 2014.

Q: Where will faculty and staff parking area designations be located on campus?

A: Faculty and staff parking permits will allow an employee to park in the Holbrook lot, the field side of the Shaw Middle Road adjacent to the lower field, Halden, Miller, Appleton, School of Design and designated spaces in the NEI parking lot.  Faculty/staff parking will be identified by green or orange signs.

Q: Will there be designated areas for guests and visitors?

A: Yes. Visitor and guest parking will be in the Campus Center lot.


For questions or concerns regarding parking permits and parking assignments, please contact Campus Police at

July 2014 – A Mount Ida College alumna was inspired so much by her classes at Mount Ida and life-long interest in fashion, that she opened her own business with the hope of inspiring other young women to follow their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Tia DeAngelis graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing and merchandising in 2010. An early life interest in fashion first brought DeAngelis to Mount Ida in the fall of 2006. After selecting courses in the areas of fashion marketing and merchandising, she quickly determined that the fashion retail industry was where she belonged.


“I fell in love with the fashion marketing and merchandising program at Mount Ida,” said DeAngelis. “I was drawn to retail and the prospect of opening my own store one day.”

In the midst of her studies at Mount Ida, she took on an internship at Second Time Around in Needham while working on developing business plans in conjunction with her classes:

“My professors were a big part of my success, especially in the areas of developing and designing retail business plans in my program coursework.”

DeAngelis credits her classroom experiences in visual merchandising, fashion show production and product placement with helping her to further develop her fashion knowledge, especially in the consignment industry.

“I fell in love with the idea of consignment and quickly learned how it all worked,” she noted. “I learned much of what I know today about retail, designer brands and marketing strategies from Mount Ida.”

Inspired and motivated to develop her own business from within her Mount Ida classrooms, she continued to work at Second Time Around, managing two store locations before accepting the role as a buyer for Revolve Consignment Boutique.

After a few years of working in the industry and dreaming of a future that included owning her own store, she decided to take an entrepreneurial leap and open the consignment boutique that she had always dreamed of.

“When it came time to make the transition from employee to store owner, I pulled out many of the business plans that I had worked on while at Mount Ida,” she said. “I envisioned what I wanted to do. It was a long process that involved looking at multiple locations and developing my ideal business plan.”

After two years of designing, planning and developing her dream business, DeAngelis opened Fate Consignment Boutique in Danvers, Massachusetts in the spring of 2014:

“It is a dream come true. My favorite part of owning my own business is interacting with my customers every day and living out my passion for the fashion industry.”

At 26-years-old, DeAngelis hopes that her story will encourage other young women to become entrepreneurs so “that they can see their true potential and live out their dreams.”

“Always take a chance,” DeAngelis echoed. “Don’t ever think ‘what if’.”