FredetteWhile many of her friends and classmates might be relaxing this summer, enjoying the breezes and walks on the beach, Mount Ida freshman and biology major Kiana Fredette will be hard at work at Tufts Medical School gaining invaluable experience in preparation for her career as a dentist.

Enrolled in the Pre-medical program in Mount Ida College’s School of Applied Sciences, Kiana was hand-picked by her chemistry professor to work alongside her on a research project at Tufts Medical School exploring how essential cellular processes are affected by DNA damage.

Kiana came to Mount Ida to study for a career as a dental hygienist.  Once enrolled in biology, chemistry, psychology courses and lab work, she changed her focus and set her sights on becoming a dentist, with a specialization in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

“I have always been interested in the field,” says Kiana.   “I actually enjoyed going to the dentist and I want to be able to help people be happy about the way they look, to appreciate the confidence of having a great smile.”

It will be a long journey to the day she has her own private practice, but she’s committed to achieving that goal. “I’m the only child of hard-working parents who taught me early on to work toward my goals.  Dentistry is what I want,” she says.  And that’s enough to make her smile.

Whether strolling in the footsteps of those who walked the streets of Chester, England 2,000 years ago, or taking in the modern amenities of the international city, students in the newly-established semester abroad program in Chester, will have the experience of a lifetime.

Students accepted into the international exchange program will spend a semester abroad on the beautiful campus of the University of Chester, England. Students can avail themselves of courses in Political Science and History, Psychology and Education, Graphic Design, Sport Management, Business Administration, Politics and Criminal Justice.

Chester, which was once a Roman fortress, boasts a rich and varied history and is a virtual treasure trove of architectural and archaeological features including its famous city walls, the Roman Amphitheatre, cathedral and more.

In close proximity to London, Dublin, Edinburgh and a short flight to European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona, the Semester@Chester will prepare Mount Ida students will join others from more than 130 countries who come to study at Chester and who prepare to compete in the Global Marketplace.

By Noel Campbell, Santander Scholar, Graphic Design (Class of 2017)

The Survey of Graphic Design class had an amazing opportunity to view how another side of the world appreciates design. Even though it was a design class, the participants varied greatly from Graphic Design to Dental Hygiene students.

The trip was to be a seven-day stay in the heart of London. The flight over to London was one that was definitely a new experience for many. For some it was their first time leaving the country and others it was their first time even being on a plane. We hit the ground running, even after the seven-hour flight and five-hour time difference. We went straight into exploring our new home for the next seven days. It was a beautiful place with plenty of green life as well as the signature double-decker buses. Over the next week we expanded our culture in ways we never imagined; going to historical locations, seeing all the attractions, going to the theater to see ‘Matilda’ , museum visits, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. Brides Print workshop, a graffiti tour and experiencing the nightlife. Going out at night we got to see the London Eye and check out the 93/4 Station from Harry Potter which was actually really exciting.

The amazing architecture of the cathedrals with their unique patterns show that design has been valued for many of centuries. We were able to see Buckingham Palace and the changing of the Guard, which was very interesting to watch. London Bridge was as beautiful as you could imagine, the view was amazing, as well as inspiring. Over the entirety of the stay, we learned so much about design as well as London.

In the design aspect, we learned how much detail and effort was put into printing over time. We explored the history of the printing press and movable type. We also learned how to use one of the printing presses and created our own souvenir prints. We also learned about poster making from visiting the National Gallery Museum.  At Westminster Abbey, we learned of some well-known greats who were buried there such as; Sir Isaac Newton, Rudyard Kipling (creator of ‘Jungle Book’), Charles Dickens and many more. While in the City of London, we learned how to use their train system, better known as the Tube and how to navigate London, quickly learning that they drive on the opposite side of the road. We were surprised to find that tea time was a myth and they prefer coffee now and that everything stays open late. We were able to see legendary works by artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey on our graffiti tour. We wished that we were able to stay longer, but unfortunately it was time to depart. We left with a pleasant memory and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we can apply to how we live our lives and to the fields we study.