The need for professionalism in the workplace is just one aspect that unites a diverse campus community of students, each with a unique story to tell and career path to forge. To help support students reach their career aspirations, Mount Ida College offers a variety of professional clubs in each of its undergraduate majors. Students at Mount Ida not only gain the necessary skills inside the classroom to succeed in their careers, but outside the classroom as well through internship offerings and participation in professional clubs.

Real-World Experience

Recently, Mount Ida students from the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) came together to merge what they have learned in the classroom to real-life business situations. DECA is a marketing group offered to students seeking careers in finance, hospitality, entrepreneurship and who overall, possess a strong desire to succeed professionally in the workplace.

Today’s economy requires students to not only succeed in the classroom, but to also master the basics of navigating professionalism in the workplace. Networking skills, professional mannerisms and a strong educational foundation are all essential elements to obtain in order to reach desired career goals. DECA stands by the importance of workplace etiquette education including proper interview attire, how to approach your manager with a question or suggestion, and even simply, the art of the hand shake.



In 2014, Mount Ida’s DECA team sent eight students to Washington, DC, to compete in the annual Career Development Conference where four students placed in the finals and brought home medals after presenting to the judges. Areas of event competition included international marketing team case studies, human resource management and marketing management. The competitive advantage that DECA members gain through conference and club participation is a change of mindset in how they view various activities associated with career progression such as public speaking and interviews. DECA seeks to help students’ erase the anxiety that is often associated with these types of activities and instead, create excitement over the advantages of learning proper workplace etiquette.

Mission Driven

DECA prides itself on its overall mission of helping students manage power-distance situations and more importantly, working to turn those situations into lessons of inspiration and growth. In addition, community service is a major component of DECA’s activities. Students participate in various community service projects throughout the year and volunteer for both Mount Ida and the greater Boston area. Leadership development and social intelligence is a desired outcome of those involved with DECA at Mount Ida and the fast-paced environment of DECA’s Career Development Conferences help immerse students into the competitive nature of post-grad job seeking.

If you are interested in learning more about DECA at Mount Ida, please contact Jessica Pike at

Mount Ida College junior Davendra Singh did not originally call Mount Ida home, but today, this Florida native could not be more proud to be a part of the Mount Ida community – a close-knit community campus that Singh calls “My Mount Ida.”

Journey to Mount Ida

Born in Queens, NY, Singh moved south to Kissimmee, FL, where he lived for 10 years and attended high school. Contemplating the next steps in his career path, Singh moved north to Massachusetts where he spent time touring college campuses and looking for programs combining his passions for sports and business.

After touring Mount Ida’s campus and speaking to faculty and students, Singh knew that he had found the perfect college fit for him.

“I liked that Mount Ida was a small campus and had a personal feel with professors, small classes and interactive learning.”


Real-World Experience

Enrolling in Mount Ida’s Sport Management Program, Singh was anxious to gain real-world experience and quickly signed-up for the program’s practicum course offering. This course allowed him to receive education credit for outside the classroom real-world business and sports operations internship experience in addition to learning interview preparation skills, and social media and job search strategies.

“I worked and assisted in sports operations on campus, while enrolled in the practicum course, and enjoyed how the class allowed me to really learn outside of the classroom.”

Singh plans to apply his education and real-world experience, both on campus and at Nike in Boston, where he currently works part-time in shipping operations, to secure an internship at Nike’s corporate operations in Oregon this summer. In addition to gaining real-world experience, Singh has already made plans to continue his education at Mount Ida by enrolling in Mount Ida’s accelerated 4+1 graduate program in Sports Leadership allowing him to begin pursuing his master’s degree during his senior year.

Close Community

The opportunity to combine his passions for sports and business is just one reason why Singh calls Mount Ida home. When asked to summarize what makes Mount Ida special to him, Singh replied, “My Mount Ida is a very close community.”

“Working hard at classes, participating and getting everything out of your college experience – is what it’s all about,” Singh concluded.

To learn more about the Mount Ida Sports Management major, please visit our program degree homepage.

Mount Ida College senior Molly Sheppard, recently won first prize at this year’s Grand Circle Gallery’s Annual Student Travel Poster Design Contest and was honored at a December reception held at the Grand Circle Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. The contest, which attracts top design students from the Boston area, challenged designers to create a vintage-inspired travel poster based on a destination and tagline chosen from a preset list.

Sheppard, a graphic design major, sought to challenge herself by choosing a travel destination that she was unfamiliar with. Selecting Burma (now the Republic of the Union of Myanmar), she drew inspiration from the tagline “Land of floating gardens and golden temples,” and from her own research on the area.

Molly Update 2

Hailing from Brookhaven, NY, Sheppard has always had an interest in design.  She began her college search by bringing her portfolio of work to a number of portfolio days at schools in New York where visiting professors could asses her work. It was at one of these portfolio days that Sheppard met Mount Ida Professor Alison Poor-Donahue.  Sheppard recalls that “Poor-Donahue stood out from the other professors.”

“Professor Poor-Donahue provided personalized attention and helpful feedback on my portfolio.  After she told me about the graphic design opportunities at Mount Ida, I ultimately made the decision to attend,” noted Sheppard.

In fact, it was Professor Poor-Donahue who encouraged Sheppard to enter her winning design in Grand Circle Gallery’s annual contest.

“It is very exciting to win this contest as a senior.  It is validating to see that I have potential as a designer,” says Sheppard of her win.

Sheppard is looking forward to a bright future and credits Mount Ida’s challenging coursework, career services and attentive professors for helping prepare her for the workplace.

Sheppard has already secured several internships related to her field; last fall, she interned at Affinity Marketing Group in Natick, MA and currently interns at both Mount Ida, assisting with promotional materials, and at Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.

To learn more about the Mount Ida graphic design program, contact department chair Allison Poor-Donahue at or (978) 407-3121.